Procurement objectives are dominated by ensuring the best value for the company, whilst ensuring security of supply.

To meet company needs, procurement is organised to work with operations across the company, with a central purchasing team for raw materials & shipping and lead buyers for the requirements of the company.

Procurement principles:

  • Ensure a single face to the market
  • Maximise value and innovation through both our supplier & end user relationships
  • Seek contract relationships that represent fair value for all stakeholders
  • Align and integrate our objectives with those of our end-users in the development of sourcing strategy
  • Support deployment and use of common tools and standards across procurement
  • To facilitate compliance across the business units
  • Maintain highest level of ethical standards, transparency in dealing and compliance to Code of Conduct

The Company has the following procurement opportunities for businesses to participate in at our DSO Project.

Package Category Description
2000-CS-0003 Service Electrical and Instrumentation Work
GL-23 Service Tertiary Crusher Rental
Service Drill and Blast Contract
Supplies Annual Rate Contract – Electrical Supplies
Supplies Annual Rate Contract – Power Transmission
Supplies Annual Rate Contract – Lubricants
Supplies Annual Rate Contract – Conveyor Belting
Supplies Annual Rate Contract – PPE
Supplies Annual Rate Contract – Motor Rewinding
Supplies Annual Rate Contract – Tools

If you are interested in becoming a supplier of TSMC, please download and fill this Supplier Pre-Qualification Form and e-mail us at